Summer Camp Is Full!

While our camps are full this summer, you can still click on the camp link for information on future camps!

Appointment History

Appointment History Form

Please fill out our appointment history form in its entirety to ensure we can provide you and your pet with the best possible care. Please Note: Any fields with * are required.

Alternatively, you may click the following button to complete this form offline and bring it to us in person:

In an effort to keep our clients and our staff healthy, we are requesting that you take a few moments and answer some questions relating to the appointment.

*Note: Not all of the questions are required.

COVID-19 Health Questions for Pet Owners:

If you answered YES to any of those questions, we request that you reschedule your appointment, or have a family member that can answer NO to those all of those questions, bring your pet for their appointment.

Due to the ever-changing world that we live in now with COVID-19, our protocols may change without notice.

Please call or text our office if you have questions about our policy at 704-234-0374.

Client Information Questions:

*If you are a brand new client to Pressly Animal Hospital, please complete New Client/New Patient Form.

*If you are an established client and need to update any of your information, you can call us, or you can complete the NEW CLIENT form; in that form, there is a box to check next to "I'm an existing client and would like to update my information."

Pet Information Questions:

Use pet name associated with rescue group if appointment made under the rescue.

Appointment Information:

Call or text the hospital at 704-234-0374 upon arrival and inform the team of what number parking spot you are in.

Please have your pet in a secure carrier or on a leash.

Please wait in the car and a team member will guide you for the next step.