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My sister’s dog is now the lone dog in the household, and has no dog friends in the neighborhood. There are no dog parks in Monroe. Took her to Pressly to see how that would work out. She was like a different dog after her first day there, I could tell that she had had a good time, and she was relaxed and calm after her visit. After a second visit a couple of weeks later, I noticed that when we walk she doesn’t pull on the leash like she used to. I can see that her Playcation days are good for her so it will now be regular thing to take her there for a day of fun.

– Marcia M.

We love Pressly Placation Station. The staff are amazing and our pups love them. I don’t have to drag them in, they are ready to go!!! We DON’T trust many people with our pets. I would absolutely 100% with no problems recommend them to anyone. They are kept safe and happy during their stays. The absolute best for your four legged family member.

– Eddie M.

Our beagle Lilly LOVES going to Pressly Playcation Station. She’s exhausted every night from all the fun play time. The staff all truly love animals and they are also customer-focused. When I am there to drop off or pick up my dog, I’m typically in a hurry to get to work or to pick up my daughter from school and the staff works quickly to make process super simple. I also love the pictures that they share daily on Facebook.

– Megan H.

My dogs have been attending Pressly Playcation Station regularly for the past 10 months. I cannot say enough great things about the place! The staff are wonderful and it is very evident that they care about the pets in their care!! My wife and I work full time Monday through Friday and the playcare allows our pups to get out all of their energy while we are working. They come home, happy, tired and they love on us until it’s time to sleep! My dogs are family and I have the utmost confidence in leaving them with Pressly at any time!!

– Eric W.