Pressly Animal Hospital

Dr. Pressly, Dr. Drake and the entire staff here at Pressly Animal Hospital care about the health of your pets and you. In addition to extra cleaning and disinfecting, we are offering optional services to ensure that you feel comfortable continuing to schedule and keep your pets appointments. During this time of recommended social distancing,

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Veterinarian Matthews

As an animal owner and devoted pet parent, you want what’s best for your four-legged companion. Caring for canine and feline companions is a lot of work, though, and working with a trusted veterinarian is the only way to ensure that your pets receive the care they need throughout their lives. At Pressly Animal Hospital, we are passionate

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Pet Clinic In Matthews

So, you spent a Sunday afternoon at one of the local pet shelters or pet supply retail store...and somehow you walked out of the place with a new (to you!) companion. We’ve all been there! Now that you’re a family of plus one, it’s time to start thinking about your new pet’s needs. It’s not necessary to go overboard with the cat toys or the

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Welcome to Pressly Animal Hospital

Welcome to Pressly Animal Hospital! Conveniently located in Matthews, our animal hospital is more than ‘just another vet.’

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