Non-Profit Organizations

We’re the voice of the forgotten pets.

Spending years in corporate practice and emergency medicine, it wasn’t until Dr. Pressly moved to private practice that he felt that something was missing in the community.

Animal shelters were overrun with pets. Rescue organizations were forming in droves. Homeless pets were multiplying. Abused pets were found around every corner. Owner surrenders were becoming the norm. 

Dr. Pressly knew what he needed to do. He was to open his own clinic to help these pets, in addition to those in his community. As the voice of forgotten pets, our mission is to bring that level of care and compassion to every patient we see, whether they’re from a shelter or a loving home.

Coming from a military family, he recognized the needs of veterans with disabilities, community members with impairments, medical conditions, and children with special needs. That led us to partner with other non-profit organizations that provide extraordinary animals to offer support and comfort for families in need.

You can also be part of this noble action!

Any Non-Profit 501c3 organization that is interested in learning more about what we offer or partnering with Pressly Animal Hospital can complete this form, and a PAH team member will reach back out in a timely manner.

Greater Charlotte SPCA

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue

Humane Society of Charlotte

Fighting Chance Ranch & Rescue