Summer Camp Is Full!

While our camps are full this summer, you can still click on the camp link for information on future camps!


This cause is near and dear to our hearts.

After working in the corporate veterinary care world, Dr. Pressly recognized the need for more practices working with rescue organizations, abused pets, and unfortunate cases coming out of animal shelters. His goal was to open his own clinic to help these pets in addition to those in his community. As the voice of forgotten pets, our mission is to bring that level of care and compassion to every patient we see, whether they’re from a shelter or a loving home.

We’re the voice of the forgotten pets

The funds raised are very important to us as our brand states, “We’re the Voice of Forgotten Pets”. We see so many strays and sometimes injured pets that are brought in by a good Samaritan. We see families in financial slumps, disabled veterans with their service dogs, senior citizens with low income, and owners fleeing from difficult situations. We want to be able to lift a portion of the burden from them and offer some sort of financial relief, and this fund will allow us to do so! Thank you for your continued support.